Are you a small business owner and looking to ramp up your game? Are you interested in growing your business but you just don’t know where to start? Have lofty goals but feel stuck, maybe even afraid to move forward? Is your business running you? My new KHH Business Strategies Series can help.

Running a small business is tough, isn’t it? You do everything from taking out the trash to forecasting the future of your company, you manage employees, work with clients and even do all of the marketing yourself and if you’re an independent retailer then you’re also going to market to shop for merchandise, then receiving and doing inventory of the merchandise and then displaying it on the sales floor. It can be overwhelming. You know you need help to grow your business but where to start, Right?

This is Kim, and I get it. I’ve been my own boss for over thirty years and most of the time I love every minute of what I do. But it’s hard – heck being “the boss” and being responsibile for running and growing a business, and sustaining a business with constant income is one of the hardest things that I have ever done. There have been days throughout my career when I thought I must be crazy to keep doing this!! It’s just too hard!! But one thing is for sure, I am no quitter and the result of hanging in there, and also knowing when to walk away(more on that later) is a business that has served me well and continues to do so. I’ve learned a lot along the way and that’s how this new Business Strategies Series came to be. The one question that I am asked more than anything else is “HOW?” Well, I am here to share what I know with you and help you build a better business and reach your business and personal goals.

In my professional career, I’ve designed hotels across the country and as far as Bermuda, I’ve owned and operated several retail stores with local, regional and national recognition, I’ve owned award-winning restaurants with executive chefs and more than twenty employees,  all the while raising four children, maintaining a marriage and running my own nationally recognized and published interior design firm, Kim Hoegger Home  – and just recently I have achieved another dream of mine to design and produce my own textile collection which is set to debut this summer and fall in several major shelter magazines. I know what you’re thinking….HOW??? Right? CRAZY?? Nope, it just took passion, guts, knowledge, grit and a lot of money(more on that later) but most of all balance because balance is the key to a successful anything.

So, after over thirty years of running my own businesses with great success, then also making huge, expensive and sometimes devastating mistakes, I am here to tell you that I wouldn’t have done it any other way and what I have learned even through what felt like failure at times, has proven to be exactly the right path for me and all of it has brought me to where I am right in this moment and where I am now is wise enough, successful enough, broken enough, and strong enough to share all that I know with you.

So welcome to my new series called Business Strategies 101. It’s a whole lot of things from blog posts to workshops and maybe eventually a video lesson or two designed to assist you in running your business, reaching your lofty goals and making sense of what a successful, balanced business and life means to you. Grab your seat now in the first workshop in our brand new Business Strategies Series beginning Saturday, May 12 at 10am in our new downtown Mckinney Design Studio. Limited Seating – Reservation Required.

Business Strategies Series – Workshop 1

Saturday, May 11

10:00am – 3:00pm

Lunch Break 12:00-1:00pm

Cost of Workshop 1        $195.00 per person

Includes four hours of instruction and discussion with Kim on Business Strategies and reaching business goals, and your own copy of our Business Strategies Workbook.

To reserve your seat in the first workshop of our Business Strategies Series, please email us at

Let’s get started on growing your business and making plans to reach your business goals!!


Excited to work with you! See you in May!

Kim Hoegger