"I found Kim Hoegger to be not only talented in the design process, but also very well educated in the field of interior design. After using several design sources over 15 years, Kim Hoegger was the top one that I have used. Her skill for assessing my tastes as well as the style of my home, was excellent. She was able to give me several choices and was considerate of the different budgets that I had for each project. Kim assisted me in my new home with the design for my living room, entry, and bedroom. I have recommended Kim and I will continue to use her to complete the interior of my home. Not only is she very talented but she is extremely personable and a pleasure to work with!"

Sue Ellen, Client

"I attended the "Workbook" Workshop in February. It was a great day of visiting with old friends, meeting new people, being creative and learning how to be organized when undertaking a decorating project. Kim was there to answer all of our project questions and I left feeling that I had a grasp on how to proceed with my room. I am looking forward to attending each workshop that is offered!"

Marilyn, Workshop attendee

"I originally contacted Kim because when I looked at my home it seemed unfinished. I needed assistance with furniture placement, furniture size and help with adding the “finishing touches” on things. I wanted my home to be warm and inviting. I was not interested in making it look like a magazine, but making it look beautiful while reflecting things that my family and I love.
As Kim and I shopped she would gently steer me away from the things that she thought would not work in my décor and offer other suggestions that she thought I would like. Having her there gave me the confidence to go forward and enjoy buying things to finish out my home. She also offered up colors and combinations of things that I would not have ever considered and I am so happy with them.
I’m not sure which I enjoyed the most; making my purchases or getting to put them in place when we got back to the house. What I am certain of is that my house is starting to feel so much more warm and inviting. It is important to me for those who come to my house to get a feel of who we are and what we love, yet feel welcomed and warm. Thanks to Kim, my house is much closer to being that warm home that I have wanted for so long.
Having worked with Kim, I have a new confidence in my own decorating ideas and she has sparked a new sense of creativity in me! I am loving watching my home evolve into a place that brings me joy and makes me smile!"

Cathy, Client