Full Service Design

Designed for those clients seeking a bespoke interior; a custom interior as individual as the client. Creating a home that is custom designed for the lifestyle you lead where every detail is personally attended and made to order by Kim Hoegger Home. Full Service Design is for any size project from one room to a full house, remodeling to new build, cottage to second home. We even work on boutique hotel projects and vacation rentals. Cost for Full-Service Design is based on the scope of work of the project. Please call for more information and to schedule a design consultation.

Finishing Your Story

You’ve been tirelessly working on your home and you’ve spent so much money on so many lovely things but…it just doesn’t look finished. Or maybe it just looks too new? Maybe you’re confident in most of the selections that you’ve made but you’re just not having any luck in finishing the room and to be honest, you’re just plain tired of buying and returning things that just don’t work and quite frankly, you’re over it and you may even feel like giving up. We get it. We understand the frustration and we are here to help. We are masters at finishing Your Story. It’s one of those things that we love most of all at KHH! We love to being able to help you bring to life the story that you have begun.

What’s the process look like? Glad that you asked. KHH will come to your home and visit with you about your desires for the space. If you have Pinterest boards or have collected magazine images or saved images on Instagram, we will browse those too so that we are all on the same page. We will photograph, take measurements, maybe create a sketch or two, then take all of the information back to our design studio and create the perfect plan for finishing Your Story. We’ll present our ideas to you and once approved, we will get to work on bringing all of the magic together in one beautifully appointed and well-finished home. No more worrying about returns or what the neighbors think, we got you. How does that sound? Like a breath of fresh air?

Finishing Your Story $1500-3500.00


Room Service

Room Service is an a la carte service for those clients who desire professional assistance in pulling together material selections, fixtures, and furniture layouts for a small room “redo”, renovation or a new-build project but do not need our full-service design assistance. Need help in selecting paint colors? Need design assistance in selecting cabinet hardware and light fixtures? Need space planning services or a 3D Rendering of your project? Room Service is for you.

Room Service is a limited service and is based on a preset increment of design time. Please call or email to inquire and schedule a day with Kim.

Room Service Packages $500-1500.00

Floor Plan Review

Taking on a new build or large remodeling project is exciting but it’s also an enormous undertaking. It can be so overwhelming. Are you losing sleep at night because you’re worrying about the plans? Worrying whether or not the spaces allocated for each room are big enough, small enough, wasted space? Are you worried about doorways, and hallways, lighting and electrical? There is just so much to consider when you are making that kind of investment and the thought of doing it wrong can be paralyzing. Our Floor Plan Review Service was designed just for you. We review every inch of your plans to make sure every area is exactly what you desire, every outlet and light fixture is in the right place, and so much more. Let us take care of the plan review for you so you can rest easy and have confidence that your new home or remodel will be built just the way you want it to be.

Plan Review $3000 – 5000.00 


Give KHH a call or email us today to get started on your next project! We are here to make your life a little easier and assist your in creating the home of your dreams.