Cheers to 2016!! Part One

Good morning friends,

It’s been awhile since I have written a blog post, a long while actually as I have spent most of 2015 with my head down recovering from the mistakes of 2013-2014, lol. It’s been an uphill climb my friends, I kid you not. It’s been one of the hardest years of my professional career(aside from 2007 which is was a nightmare all of it’s own and a story for another day).

Why you ask? Allow me to share a few things wtih you.

As an entrepreneur, my mind is always dreaming and creating. It’s non-stop brain activity for me. It’s exhilarating but can be exhausting at the same time. Ideas can be successful and then they can be draining. That’s just part of the process. It’s a roller coaster of a career. But, I am a risk-taker; I am a business woman who isnt afraid to stick her neck out and try new things. Hence, sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail.

Be Grateful

2013-2014 was a very humbling experience for me. And although there were many wonderful and successful moments within the journey of 2013-2014, it was an experience that cost me a great deal financially and emotionally. I was never so happy as to see that journey come to an end. Seriously, there were tears of JOY when it finally ended. It was one of the hardest, most challenging journeys of my career. But beacause I am not one to dwell on the past, I look back and am thankful for the many, many grand moments along the journey, like selling a gorgeous piece of furniture to the PRESIDENT of Jimmy Choo, USA., and having KHH featured in PaperCity Dallas, LUXE Magazine, DHome Magazine and landing my FIRST MAGAZINE COVER ever! It just so happens that all of that wonder was smack dab in the middle of the worst business year and a half of my life. I was happy to see that journey come to a close and to take my grand moments and move forward way beyond 2013-2014.

2015 has been a year of recovering from 2013-2014. And 2016 will join 2015 as another year of recovery. That’s just business. You have to take the good with the bad. You have to “suck it up cupcake” and move beyond the past or it can really weigh you down. It’s like they say, “if you cant take the heat, get out of the kitchen.” It’s just part of business. If you don’t take the risks, you don’t move forward. And I like growing and moving forward. So that’s what I do, I take risks that allow me to move forward even if “forward” means learning a lot along the way, the hard way. I PUSH forward(because sometimes that’s what it takes to get beyond our failures) and I leave the past in the past where it belongs.

Failure is a bruis

My work is my hobby, my continuing education and my profession. I love what I do. I love to create beauty. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Creating beauty makes me feel closer to God. I feel like I am my best me and the me that God intended me to be when I am creating beauty and using the talents that he has given me. So I move forward and create more beauty. It’s just what I do and I am blessed beyond measure to be able to do it.

Best Job coffee mug

So what does 2016 look like? Well, after much prayer, soul searching and planning, 2016 is going to be a year of a fresh start, a year of allowing myself time to breathe. It’s a year to BREATHE; to take the time to RELAX and to EXPLORE. My word for the year…BREATHE. My action for the year…RELAX. My intention for the year…EXPLORE.

To BREATHE, I must focus on my breath. Which means that I have to slow down and allow myself the TIME to BREATHE. If you have practiced yoga then you know that breathing properly isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes concentration. It takes discipline. So for 2016, I am going to practice breathing correctly. And it’s going to take focus and discipline. It’s going to take removing myself from things that I may find difficult leave but things that are not allowing me the time that I need to BREATHE properly. I need to BREATHE properly to be able to RELAX and EXPLORE.

Breathe image

To RELAX, I must give myself permission to let go of stress and fear and worry. I must be willing to RELAX because it’s a tall order and I am NOT good at it. I feel a constant need to be busy, to be cranking out the goods. But this I know, to truly RELAX is to be closer to God. For it is in the quiet moments that he speaks to me and draws me closer. It is in these quiet, still moments that I am able to feel his presence in my life and know that he has control.

Relax socks and coffee

To EXPLORE, I must first be willing to take the journey. I must be willing to step out in faith and reach beyond what I can see. To fully EXPLORE in 2016, I must have the faith to move beyond my comfort zone and embrace the fear and challenge of new adventures. To truly EXPLORE, I must leave behind my fear of being uncomfortable. I need to EXPLORE new things.

Break from your routine quote

Cheers to a brand new year full of possibilities and successes!! I am really looking forward to all that 2016 brings and excited about the new places I will be going with KHH and new adventures that we will be taking along the way.

The best is yet to be

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Thibaut Bedford Chair Beige

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Outside: 29″ wide x 34″ deep x 35″ high      Inside: 23″ deep x 15″ high      Seat Height: 20″

Standard features

Spring Down seat cushion
Tight back cushion with button detail self-welting
No skirt option
Carved bamboo-style legs

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Here’s to laying down that bag of potatoes

Hello all,

What a gorgeous day it is…snow swiftly falling(and not sticking yay!) and making everything look so beautiful. I love tree branches covered in snow. It makes me happy.

As we near the end of February, I am reminded of all of the beautiful blessings that have already come my way in 2015. Small simple things and reassurances that I am headed in the right direction. Thank you Lord! And I mean that with all my heart 🙂 If it weren’t for the good Lord constantly watching over me I am not sure where I would be…staying on track is a conscious daily effort. It’s daily reminding myself to stop and take my vitamins, to eat healthy and read my devotion, say my prayers…whew…I am serious, some days it will be 10pm and I don’t even know where the day has gone.

I have had people from time to time say to me that my life looks easy, that things just seem to happen or come together for me…(my mouth drops open) Seriously??? No way…

As anyone who works, owns their own business or is raising children can attest…this ain’t no easy thang! In fact, it’s crazy hard and stressful and overwhelming at times. It’s almost more than I can take some days. BUT….thank the Lord, I have faith in the good Lord and he is with me every step of the way. He holds me up when I can’t stand anymore and spurs me on when I am spent and feel like I just can’t keep going. I honestly don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have him holding me up everyday…scary thought. So easy? Heck no! Raising a family and working, building a business is a beast!! It’s like climbing a mountain while carrying several 50 pound bags of potatoes! My oh my!


The truth is…life is hard and we aren’t perfect…we are broken. We were created broken and will remain broken because it is in that brokenness that we need Jesus. It’s his way of bringing us back to him so that he can love us. If I could say one thing about Jesus that I think most people misinterpret it would be that he is all about rules, that he expects us to be perfect, not to make mistakes; that if we don’t follow the rules and behave perfectly he looks down on us and we are unworthy of his love. That couldn’t be further from the truth!!

Yes, we are unworthy, yes, we are sinners and we make mistakes BUT he already knew we would. He is the one who gave us free will. He knows we will be imperfect and fall occasionally. And every time we do, there he is to pick us up, brush off our knees and help us to stand again. Every time. I find peace in that. I find strength in that. And I live my life KNOWING he will be there when I fall and when I am so weak and exhausted from my crazy life that I can’t stand on my own anymore.

Here’s another thought for you…how much does that bag of potatoes you are carrying really weigh? What are you really carrying in that sack? Is it worth it? I get it. No one wants to appear weak or unsuccessful. No one wants for others to see that they are tired and worn out, that they are sick to death of keeping up with everyone else and pretending to be something we are not. I get it. I do it. I am the worst at staying busy because in the stillness I can see ALL of me. Yep, all of me and I don’t always like what I see. If I keep busy, I don’t have time to look at me or the path I am on too closely. Can you relate?

Are you busy? Are you carrying loads of potatoes up mountains everyday? Are you pushing and pushing for success that meets the expectations of others? Success that looks good and even feels right but do you wonder where the path is leading you?



It is in this pursuit of this perfect life and perfect Facebook posts, SnapChat stories and Instagram posts, that we have to ask ourselves, are we living the lie? We have become masters at concealing our own heartache and disillusionment with this life. And there will come a day when we just can’t do it anymore. We will fall on our knees or our flat on our faces because we are spent, we are exhausted. Are you there yet? I am and I am over it and it feels soooo good!!

I will still have mountains to climb with sacks of potatoes on my back…that’s just how I am wired but I will be more conscious of what type of potatoes I am carrying and if those potatoes are worth the time, effort and energy. Life’s too short and my Jesus has so many plans for me that I am afraid I might miss if I don’t lay down a few bags of potatoes 🙂

Here’s to eliminating a few extra bags of potatoes and only carrying those that will make a difference in the lives of others. After all, we are here to serve others not ourselves.

In his name,

Kim Hoegger